French Rolling Pin - Padauk Wood - #61

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French Rolling Pin - Padauk Wood - #61


Padauk Wood French Style Rolling Pin

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**Pictures in listing are of the rolling pin you are purchasing. I have not used any filters while taking the pictures, but please note that the colors may vary in person**

**Shipping** The shipping is stated as 1 - 2 weeks...but these are already made, and will more than likely ship earlier. But please note it can take up to 1 to 2 weeks to ship out.

***PLEASE read entire posting. This rolling pin has been finished with walnut oil. If you have any questions please refer to the website listed below where the oil is from.***

Anyone who bakes knows that a rolling pin is an essential tool in your kitchen. I've done a fair bit of pie making myself and have used almost every type of rolling pin out there. It wasn't until I found a French Tapered Rolling Pin that I truly loved rolling out the dough.

There is something about the way the pin feels in your hands, almost as if you can feel the dough, instead of holding on to the clunky handles of a traditional pin.

This rolling pin is made out of Paduak, an exotic wood harvested in either Africa or Asia. I love the reddish color to this pin, and to be's one of the favorite pins I've made! When freshly oil, it almost looks as if I stained it with a bright red finish...but it's the natural colors of the wood. This was a solid piece of wood that I turned on my lathe.

Each pin will differ slightly from the others, as any handmade item will.

The approximate dimensions of this rolling pin are:

17.25" Long by 1.75" in diameter, it tapers towards each end and weighs approximately 1 lb 3 oz.

Burned into one end is my initials along with a number. This number represents its place in the number of rolling pins I've made. For example "B.B. 2" means it's the 2nd rolling pin that I've made.

With proper care, these pins will last many years. After being turned on the lathe, they are sanded smooth, and turned on the lathe with walnut oil from Doctor's Woodshop.

For more information about the Doctor's Woodshop products that I use, and to answer any questions about nut allergies and how/if this oil will affect those, please go to the link below.


**As with any wood product, do NOT submerge or soak in water. This will cause the wood to swell and possibly crack and split. You can wipe clean with a damp cloth as needed. And rub with food grade mineral oil and beeswax to bring back the shine.**